For many consumer packaged goods companies, half of their time gets spent on the road selling their products to distributors, retail shops, and the likes. With all the tasks involved from the production stage to the part where the goods reach the consumer, a Consumer Packaged Goods company needs a good software solution to streamline activities in the manufacturing process.

A good Sales Force Administration (SFA) app is vital for efficiency in the company’s activities which mostly revolve around field activities. Mobile SFA  enables the reps in the field to follow-up on sales and interact with customers just using their mobile devices. So how exactly can mobile SFA  benefit consumer packaged goods manufacturing companies?

Enhanced productivity of field sales reps   

There is no denying that field reps are as useful as the tools used during the field duties. The mobile solution ensures streamlined workflows and paperwork hence, increasing the morale of sales reps who instead capitalize by recording higher returns.

Improved decision-making   

With greater access to data remotely, the sales reps can make better decisions on the field without the need to consult. That is because they can access the consumer’s purchasing history in the area without the need to go back to the office.

Ability to leverage individual customer information about past purchases by sales reps, gives them the capacity to suggest well-tailored deals that are enticing to clients and hence in the process lead to increased orders for various products.

Improved customer service   

Mobile SFA for consumer packaged goods companies comes in handy in many ways, one of them is customer service. Since Consumer Packaged Goods companies often deal directly with consumers, there exists a lot of customer-organization communication. With the easy access to data for sales reps and brand ambassadors there exists improved communication where customers get their queries answered efficiently which in turn impacts on the client satisfaction. Contact us now for more information