Consumers want the convenience of access and wide variety, a friendly incentive to the consumer goods industry to innovate its sales platforms using the latest technologies and information. Overnight shipping and online disintermediation have changed the name of the game, and admittedly, this trend is improving processes at rapid speeds and satisfying said customer demands. However, a continued focus on the distribution sector is still important. The value proposition and efficiency of distribution channels needs constant re-examination in light new and advanced software to address evolving market trends and customer demand. The question is how could mobility software better improve distribution overall?

Mobility software improves processes, but combining mobility with technology existing throughout the supply chain would be ideal. This would ideally equal smoother store delivery and better retail audits. Pick to light (PTL), a paperless picking technology has improved the distribution of consumer packaged goods (CPG) through lighting that indicates where the location of items are in huge warehouses while digital displays show a quantity. This is an aspect of warehouse management that could be integrated into a mobile software using advanced technology such as GPS. Imagine having an app that actually bypassed the need for a display and just have workers the location of items based on coordinates?

Of course this wouldn’t be possible without intelligent inventory tagging. One-dimensional bar coding  is the standard for all shipping and manufacturing systems. In addition to inventory management mobile GPS, radio frequency identification (RFID), can give managers a clear view on how stocked the inventory is in addition to working will with a hypothetical GPS system. This goes above and beyond the two-dimensional bar codes of previous years. This could also conceivably mean a better estimation of transportation needs and clearer communication from supplier to retail location. Knowing how much is available and how fast the item is selling means better estimates of wholesale order frequency.

In a world were mobility is key, Ivy Mobility prides itself on creating mobile services that innovate process and eliminate lag in distribution. If your company is looking for better mobility solutions, contact us today.