Six out of 10 people shop using mobile retailers. That is, 60 percent of shoppers are adding products to their retailer’s shopping cart. But are those carts converting to sales?

Humanizing The Tech Experience

Your smartphone and your tablet enable you to shop whether you’re sitting at work or at home in your pajamas. There’s plenty of incentives to complete sales, like free shipping, discounts and personalized service. But are products flying off the virtual shelf space? You’d think with over half of consumers using retail apps that it’d be so, but not so fast. Only about 16 percent complete their mobile transactions.

Does this mean that consumers aren’t valuing your products? Not necessarily. The trend toward smart retail indicates that consumer confidence is high and will remain high in 2017, but they don’t value cookie cutter shopping experiences. Apps that customize the user experience, engages the customer through the decision making process while customizing on the fly with in-app customer service brings more conversion than perusing through virtual shelves of products that will make it hit or miss into the cart. The mobile shopping experience is meant to be quick and easy. Customers don’t like lag time getting through the retail process.

The Network’s Edgy Like The Consumer

It’s more than trendy to shop in the cloud, it’s efficient, but not necessarily the fastest way to get from point A to point B. There’s less lag time between smartphone clicks when you shop on the edge.


Scenario: You’ve got the consumer mobilizing a shopping experience from their smart device. Think of the cloud as the center of your retail universe. A sale’s initiated on a smartphone and uploaded in packets of information into the cloud. The cloud takes that information, stores it, waiting for the sale to be finalized. The bits and bytes of data get assembled and reassembled throughout the cloud. By taking the transaction to the edge of your cloud network, you are putting less traffic in the way of getting the data from A to B. Your customer’s shopping experience is faster. Faster input, faster cart to conversion. More sales. Faster delivery. Smart retail.