Today’s small manufacturing businesses face a wide assortment of challenges. The silver lining is how the challenges encourage savvy small business owners to look into ways they’ll benefit from consumer products goods enterprise solutions such as direct store delivery.

Understanding the Purpose of Direct Store Delivery

Direct store delivery, commonly referred to as DSD, provides businesses involved in the manufacturing business with the means to use direct point of sales and consumption to market, distribute, and sell the items they manufacture. Instead of relying on a third-party to handle the distribution of the product, the small manufacturing business does it. When done correctly, this helps reduce distribution costs while also allowing the small business to maintain more control over the marketing of the product they create.

The businesses that benefit the most from direct sales delivery are farmers, grocers, and food warehouses as well as many cottage industries that distribute and sell their product locally.

Three Benefits of Direct Store Delivery

The biggest benefit small businesses obtain from direct sales delivery is the ability to maintain complete control over every aspect of transport and distribution. By delivering their product directly to grocery store, a farmer knows that the food they produced is completely fresh, high quality, and been safely handled. A small furniture manufacture who engages in direct store delivery maintains better control over the types of places their furniture gets sold at, as well as ensuring that the market doesn’t get saturated with their product.

Delivering the product directly to the company that will be selling it or even to the buyer itself, put the producer/manufacture in the unique position of developing a close working relationship with those that use the product. Not only does this relationship inspire customer loyalty, it also allows the small business owner to get first person feedback about their product, information they can use to improve the product, shipping, and advertising.

In most cases, direct store delivery proves to be cost-effective for the small business since they no longer have to worry about paying high fees to a third-party that distributes the product, and that might not always do a good job.

While it’s true that direct store delivery might not work for all small businesses, it’s something that business owners should consider.